Street Fighter IV CE App Reviews

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Love the rage quitters !!!

SFV would be the next platform .

Fun Game

No ads, no complexity, just fighting!

Needs update ASAP

You guys take to long to do updates. The last update you said that when the opponent leave the fight you won’t get disconnected and it’s still happening. Also even if you have a regular match or a free match and you do same skill fighter they always pair you with either someone better than you or viceversa. Also there’s a lot of players winning the 1st round and leaves the fight they always get the win in their stats regardless. You need to fix all of that Still playing but it gets frustrating when all of this is happening

Amazing app game!

For $4.99 this game is amazing. Definitely worth the cost.

Old School Fun

This is one of the best games out there.

Mama mama

Aman a aman


I like this game I don’t have consoles for it but I can only play this on my iPhone thanks for uploading this game on the App Store and don’t ever remove it.


I love having SF on the go. The SP Assist feature really makes sense on a touchscreen and the game is still plenty challenging with it on.

Quitting Rampant

Either hand accounts losses for quitting or I have to stop playing.

Really really bad, avoid!

This game is nothing like the older Streetfighters...Super choppy and awkward movements..Graphics are your money:(

Controller Support

Does this game support and MacOS supported gaming controllers.

Fake controller spprt

Have to reach out and tap when fully connected with controller (playing on tv) horrible. Why bother putting in this partial support of control. Just stupid. One star.

It’s worth it

Great game occupying my time on lunch breaks and at home 5 stars worth every penny

Game has room for improvement

I Gotta be honest, the graphics are simply not as good as they could be. Gameplay its pretty good and its a overall enjoyable game however, you guys must take into account the feedback we give you since we are paying for the game. Try to implement a punishment for rage quitters, and if you are planning on making an update please don't make it a "must pay if you wanna get the update" thing.

My favorite fighting game

I really love this game. Simple mechanics but enough to separate casual and pros players. A great game just play anywhere anytime when bored. Championship edition was fantastic and after years it finally came. Capcom I really wish you guys can add all the Roster from SF4 Ultra Or make a Street Fighter 5 edition. Or add more stages or Alt costume. Charge a price for it I know this app don’t bring in much revenue. I also don’t get the whole team rank tournament. I think it’s a waste cause on mobile I doubt anyone cares. Team Shadaloo always wins cause they have most people.


Its overall a really great game. It’s really fun and all, HOWEVER, It would be greatly appreciated if Juri actually did something during her ultra “Feng Shui Engine”. She just turns purple, nothing else lol. It’d be sick if she had a special combo just like all the other players.


This game are so insane i love to play it everyday


So much fun!

The best classic game

A classic can never fade away

Street Fighter CE

Superb game but please make it for Android users as well. Android is way overdue for this game I personally would love to play this on android can't wait please make it happen Capcom. Overall flawless game I recommend to all Street fighter fans download graphs A+ smooth gameplay only issue for me app force closes when searching for opponents when I click free match and rank matches IDK please fix issues so I can battle other players online.

Awesome game

This is an amazing port of USF4, I’d really love for Decapre to be added she’s my fav from the game please, thanks

Spamming in ranked

Don’t know if my last review was uploaded but can we have a game mode unique for players who don’t want to enter with other players who have SP MOVE ASSIST on and spam the moves to get a cheap win

The best game ever!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Everything was great 👍 the animation was ok “:( I love ❤️ the caricatures

Lacks : (

This is a cool game but if your fighting on a ranked fight for points if the game lacks and crashes for some freaking reason the game takes you points away and it's annoying AF

Add All ultras in the game

Evil ryu ultra is cool and all but I like his ultra 2 better.

Stutters even on new iPad and bad controller support

Runs slow and chopping on even the most recent iPads. And the controller support is only in the actual game, you can’t use it in the menus, which is absolutely ridiculous.

So awesomeeeeeeeeee

Amazing port!!!

Very good game! Except...

SFIV is a very entertaining fighting game. The controls are easy to use and there are very good graphics for an IOS port. However, I’d like there to be a “quick match” mode, where you can pick your fighters, stage, and play just one battle. I don’t like playing a bunch of fights in one time. Overall, it’s a pretty good game. Worth your money!


Amazing game. Graphics and controls, everything is dammmmm good. My all time favorite game.

Awesome Game!

Just like the previous Street Fighter games. This one is well polished and a great way to kill some time lol. Just 4/5 because I wish it had Bluetooth support like the previous one did so I can play against friends. Or maybe a better online experience where you can add and battle friends online instead of random matches.

Great game

The only thing that trough me off was the 3d 2d look but plays like a street fighter game

Street fighter

Cool game love it

Versus Mode??

I hope I get a reply back but I was wondering if you can add a versus mode. Like PLAYER VS CPU. The mode where you can fight the character you want to fight with and you can also choose the character to fight against

Not worth it

This game may look cool, but it’s not. The graphics are terrible and the overall game is just not made the way it should be. This does not do the console version justice at all. If I could get my money back for this purchase, I definitely would as I wasted $5 on this game. Looks can be deceiving, do some research ahead of time.

Glad my favorite fighter is on iOS!



Please I want the Bluetooth pair so I can play with my friend at work...thanks

Good Game

This game is gud but at least make some 3D models for the port. This is 2018. We have the iPhone X. Newer iPhone's can probably handle 3D models lol. The game is also choppy but playable at least. Volt was better tho. And I really do want a second ultra combo option. And how about adding endings to the game.


A must buy for any street fighter fan

Slightly disappointing

I just want one of two things added: Either better graphics, or decapre, one of the missing characters.


Need improvement because some characters are Brocken and some really sucking damage

No good!

SF4 is awful how can anyone think this is a good version of SF4. I’ll stick to the home console with a real controller, never buying any other fighting game on mobile waste of money.

Where’s Bluetooth????

I love this game especially playing with people in the same room. I hate the new system for playing with people locally. It is always very laggy. Please bring back Bluetooth vs. mode.

Ok port.. choppy experience

i have ipad air 2. Frame rates were choppy. I would rather they use the classic 2d sprites (less resource hog) and get it running smoothly at 60fps. Now this isnt all bad attempt.. from a port standard an ok attempt. But as a gamer the experience wasnt fulfilling. I will play later and update but other than cool introduction it wasnt fun experience due to the choppy framerates during gameplay.

I want new characters

I'd be more happy if seth hakan or dan was in the game. Other than that this is a terrific game and keep up the good work!

Bring back bluetooth!

Please! I beg you guys to put it back

Grueling is broken

As someone who’s played the initial Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter Volt for smartphones, I can definitely say the grueling mode in this version is broken. VERY bad input lag to the point of having my character stand there while I’m pressing my Ultra button. That’s just one example but the most broken that I’ve seen other than the grueling opponents doing combos unreal for any human to pull off

Free Sparring?

This game is awesome but free sparring mode seems to be absent from this version of SFIV... It would be more fun to play this game with the free sparring mode which can help us test the characters a little more better. Overall great game Capcom!

Great game

This is a great game with good graphics I never thought street fighter 4 would make it to the App Store. I think the developers should do this for street fighter 5 but with better graphics.


This app is great but I would really like if you would add the character R.Mika. If not that’s okay but I would really like it if you take my review in to real consideration.

Gran juego


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