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I’m hurt

I’m hurt

Has potential but............

I have an iPad Pro 12.9" and 2 Steelseries Nimbus controller which works perfectly with this game, even though there's not full control support. But my biggest let down with this game and other iOS games is that I can never sit down with a family member or friend and play against each other, I always have to go online to look for opponents. Is this too much to ask for when you put down money on a game like this? I mean, this is a feature you get with actual console games so why is it these games don't have this feature? And the graphics on this game is very poor, you can clearly see every pixel. This game needs to be optimized properly for the iPad Pro 2017


Cool game guys very old school needs some work those

Great game

This is a great game with good graphics I never thought street fighter 5 would make it to the App Store. I think the developers should do this for street fighter 4 but with better graphics.

Kt bad but touch screen buttons have slow response

Controls are a little wacky but its still good


This game looks and plays terrible. It struggles on my IPhone X.

Unplayable on X touch screen controls

I played this on the 6s and the on screen controls were great. I now have iPhone X and because of the resolution my controls are tiny even when on the largest setting. It would be nice if there was a resolution setting to allow it to be how it is on older phones or give more control options to size it how I want. You should also have an option to move the buttons all together at once instead of each individually.


与其他格斗游戏相比,街霸才算的上真正的格斗游戏。游戏人物不需要购买,不存在付费人物比免费人物强pay to win的情况。讲究立回和对策,不像卡牌类格斗游戏按屏幕就能进攻和防守。人物招式丰富但也并不繁琐,简化过的出招很快就能上手。 手游的操作精确度跟pc是比不了的,起码对于我是这样。面对左右择、上下择很难防守,所以有下段轻攻击的人物能强一些,游戏的平衡性并不是很好,但也没有到完全没法打的程度。网络时好时坏,可能也是我自己的问题。 强烈推荐!!!朋友,来升个龙吧!

What’s new about this that iOS 11 couldn’t support the pervious 2 versions of street fighter ?

This the same game that I have purchased 3 times. The other two were not supported by the new version of iOS and the have been no improvements, although I was made to pay a 3rd time for the SAME game. No endings, no new story line... just the same ole game!!!!

As good as it can be!

its mobile sf. i love it. also my gpa said he thinks im dumb for buying it but i dont even live there anymore so whos af! turnt up!

One of the greatest mobile games you could own.

How this game isn’t considered an essential for iOS gaming is beyond me.


Better than Twlight

Great app game

Killer game and the graphics are amassing.

Long time coming.

I knew eventually I would come across a streetfighter game I do not appreciate. I mean at first you know it’s street fighter mobile, I was in love with street fighter since I was in the third grade, I’m 28 now so with me and the franchise go way back. Now Capcom has come out with the new and improved updated version (Champion Edition) of the already awesome mobile version of the game, I was in love all over again. But I have to keep it real with you Capcom after offloading the app from my mobile device for a couple months and trying to get back at it again just recently I’ve come to dislike the game more than ever now on my mobile device. And here’s why 1. The cheating, and this is the biggest one, the cheating has reached an all new high out of 20 matches I’ve played 13 people had somehow cheated the system. Bp hack, there is some sort of hack that is allowing these people to never lose battle points, it’s particularly frustrating not only because they are cheating but because I feel there is something y’all can do about this but you’re not and so you have failed players like myself. This makes everything even more frustrating when you play against players that are not only cheating the system but they are playing super hard, these players are playing with no chill, they play like Daigo. A lot of the times I find that they have very little to no battle points at all but they still cheat the system and play really hard, I don’t get it? 2. Network connection, this is another I’ve noticed on some networks the connection is fair, It seems to me in majority of the matches the latency is pretty much nonexistent, Whereas another connection enjoying a solid match is nearly impossible. Wait times are fair for me, I don’t find myself waiting very long for match’s at all but the connection is mostly disgusting. There was a point in time when connections was running smoothly and I was able to fight my way up to 4000 battle points, not to brag but I’m really good at this game, but it’s hard to showcase my skills when I don’t know when to play because I feel there’s a time when to play and there’s a time when not to play because the latency in this game is so hit and miss. It almost seems as if you guys are purposely throttling the servers at certain times? 3. Everything in a nutshell, I really like that you guys added a way for the players to communicate with each other but communicating with some players if not most is also nearly impossible. Most of the time I find that I can’t even recognize some of the symbols in their names, I can’t find a list of recently played players and the ones that I can remember, finding them is nearly impossible as well, I recall a time when I played a player whose name consisted of about five letters and when I went to search for him I couldn’t find him. So my experience as I log on to play, I have a really crappy match either because latency, or the battle points hack or the fact that they have no battle points at all but they play like Daigo, I wish to communicate with them with no prevail in finding their names at all, in the end I’m left with wanting more to desire. Maybe adding more frames to the game could make up for this mess or removing guile and EHonda, lol I’m kidding but they’re so cheap in this iteration of the game. All in all Capcom, please don’t abandon this game just yet you guys still have work to do, smooth this game out a little more before you give up on it I know this was a quick cash grab but don’t leave us like this some of us that enjoy playing on the console would also love to be able to pick up his/her phone and play nicely evened out Street Fighter mobile game as well on the go, please don’t do us like this please. PLEASE!!!!

Ok port.. choppy experience

i have ipad air 2. Frame rates were choppy. I would rather they use the classic 2d sprites (less resource hog) and get it running smoothly at 60fps. Now this isnt all bad attempt.. from a port standard an ok attempt. But as a gamer the experience wasnt fulfilling. I will play later and update but other than cool introduction it wasnt fun experience due to the choppy framerates during gameplay. Also, virtual buttons and controls are great options, but there really needs mfi. Its frustrating playing on screen controls. If they added mfi will be 4 star.

Simply awesome

Best mobile fighting game.

Please Make Street Fighter V ios version like this please.

Please Make Street Fighter V ios version like this please.

A wonderful Street Fighter mobile game, even with a few flaws,

Street Fighter? On mobile devices? How can such an ambitious, technical fighting game series ever work on such a small screen? Rising from the ashes, Street Fighter IV returns with this mobile edition of the game, with a few changes to separate itself from its console counterparts. I’d first like to say that for a game priced at $4.99, there is a good amount of content. At the time of this review, you get 31 characters out of the box, with a good amount of stages and modes to boot, including online play and YouTube streaming! What a deal! You can also use MFi Bluetooth controllers too, which is good if you’re looking for a more traditional experience. The controls are slightly different compared to the other games in the Street Fighter series. Gone is the 6-button control scheme, being replaced by a simplified 2-button one. It seems cumbersome at first, but after a while, landing a chain of combos becomes a breeze. This is also a nice game to get newcomers to the series invested with the simple controls. Of course, the game isn’t perfect. One issue seems to be the graphics. While I know that mobile devices are nowhere near as powerful as consoles to render high-quality 3D models, I think there should be a few minor changes. I can understand the game looking as it is on smaller screens like an iPhone, but playing this on the 12-inch iPad Pro definitely takes some getting used to. Perhaps in a future update, there should be an option to change the sprite quality, which could be a good addition. Also, one small concern is that there is no true local multiplayer mode. Yes, you can connect to other devices nearby, as expected, but with a big screen like mine, shouldn’t it be possible to use two MFi controllers? Small suggestion. Also, I find it odd that you can’t navigate the menus using a controller, a small gripe, but it is noticeable. Overall, Street Fighter IV Championship Edition is a solid entry to the series, and with several updates and characters on the way, this game has a bright future ahead. With a few updates, this game could be made better, but as it stands, I’ll be playing this a lot in the future.

Street fighter

Worth it


Great game but the game control interface is sometimes unresponsive. Game controls need improvement but overall a fun game. V

It’s slow to load...

When you’re about to play, the loading screen takes to way to long to load up and allow you to actually play.


MFI don’t work for the seven plus I have Gamevice and bought the game and can’t play with the controller... why??????


This game is almost at sweet perfection, except for the missing game features that many other reviewers have mentioned, and the lack of full MFi controller support — this game looks AMAZING on iPad, but full controller support is pretty frustrating, and ruins the gameplay experience. Also, would REALLY love the implementation of tv compatibility.

Missing regular vs mode against cpu

Great game, but if you want to just play a simple match against the computer and opponent of your choosing, you can’t because unlike the previous version, this new version doesn’t allow that. that’s the only reason I’m giving at four stars instead of five

Good...but not as great!!!

The game is great, but it lacks the BLUETOOTH MODE!!! I remember I used to play with my friends and it was such an awesome game. Without the Bluetooth I don’t find it a 5 STAR GAME. IM SURE IM NOT THE ONLY ONE COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS!!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE THE BLUETOOTH OPTION!!!!

Near Perfect

I never thought it would be possible to recreate an SF game at this level. There are bugs to fix... taking my score from 5 to 4 stars. The lag time of match-ups is annoying and I often stop trying. I could chalk it up to the multitude of SF fans around the globe, but Capcom has the metrics and finances to address that. The random connection losses a/k/a game closing in the middle of matches is off-putting as this is a pay-to-play game and those disconnects are tallied as match losses (maybe a way for users lacking integrity to “steal wins”?). Still... I’m mostly pleased with the overall near-console experience.

Love the rage quitters !!!

SFV would be the next platform .

Fun Game

No ads, no complexity, just fighting!

Needs update ASAP

You guys take to long to do updates. The last update you said that when the opponent leave the fight you won’t get disconnected and it’s still happening. Also even if you have a regular match or a free match and you do same skill fighter they always pair you with either someone better than you or viceversa. Also there’s a lot of players winning the 1st round and leaves the fight they always get the win in their stats regardless. You need to fix all of that Still playing but it gets frustrating when all of this is happening

Amazing app game!

For $4.99 this game is amazing. Definitely worth the cost.

Old School Fun

This is one of the best games out there.

Mama mama

Aman a aman


I like this game I don’t have consoles for it but I can only play this on my iPhone thanks for uploading this game on the App Store and don’t ever remove it.


I love having SF on the go. The SP Assist feature really makes sense on a touchscreen and the game is still plenty challenging with it on.

Quitting Rampant

Either hand accounts losses for quitting or I have to stop playing.

Really really bad, avoid!

This game is nothing like the older Streetfighters...Super choppy and awkward movements..Graphics are your money:(

Controller Support

Does this game support and MacOS supported gaming controllers.

Fake controller spprt

Have to reach out and tap when fully connected with controller (playing on tv) horrible. Why bother putting in this partial support of control. Just stupid. One star.

It’s worth it

Great game occupying my time on lunch breaks and at home 5 stars worth every penny

Game has room for improvement

I Gotta be honest, the graphics are simply not as good as they could be. Gameplay its pretty good and its a overall enjoyable game however, you guys must take into account the feedback we give you since we are paying for the game. Try to implement a punishment for rage quitters, and if you are planning on making an update please don't make it a "must pay if you wanna get the update" thing.

My favorite fighting game

I really love this game. Simple mechanics but enough to separate casual and pros players. A great game just play anywhere anytime when bored. Championship edition was fantastic and after years it finally came. Capcom I really wish you guys can add all the Roster from SF4 Ultra Or make a Street Fighter 5 edition. Or add more stages or Alt costume. Charge a price for it I know this app don’t bring in much revenue. I also don’t get the whole team rank tournament. I think it’s a waste cause on mobile I doubt anyone cares. Team Shadaloo always wins cause they have most people.


Its overall a really great game. It’s really fun and all, HOWEVER, It would be greatly appreciated if Juri actually did something during her ultra “Feng Shui Engine”. She just turns purple, nothing else lol. It’d be sick if she had a special combo just like all the other players.


This game are so insane i love to play it everyday


So much fun!

The best classic game

A classic can never fade away

Street Fighter CE

Superb game but please make it for Android users as well. Android is way overdue for this game I personally would love to play this on android can't wait please make it happen Capcom. Overall flawless game I recommend to all Street fighter fans download graphs A+ smooth gameplay only issue for me app force closes when searching for opponents when I click free match and rank matches IDK please fix issues so I can battle other players online.

Awesome game

This is an amazing port of USF4, I’d really love for Decapre to be added she’s my fav from the game please, thanks

Spamming in ranked

Don’t know if my last review was uploaded but can we have a game mode unique for players who don’t want to enter with other players who have SP MOVE ASSIST on and spam the moves to get a cheap win

The best game ever!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Everything was great 👍 the animation was ok “:( I love ❤️ the caricatures

Lacks : (

This is a cool game but if your fighting on a ranked fight for points if the game lacks and crashes for some freaking reason the game takes you points away and it's annoying AF

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