Street Fighter IV CE App Reviews

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Brings back childhood memories.#BADASS!!!!!

Player vs CPU please

I love it so far,but I want to be zangief and vs anyone I want

I soldy console to break my addiction

Use this when I need a taste, probably way better with the controller for inputs but still this is an amazing mobile adaptation. Better than Omega tbh


Characters are unresponsive and when they act in accordance w commands the movements are slow. Opponents are often strangely high-skilled and win handily, often blasting specials at a distance and forcing characters apart; closing this gap is nearly impossible, see above re: sluggish and jittery gameplay. App freezes mid-play. A shadow of the game and a shame.

I’m good at video games!!!

It’s the best game I’ve ever played ☃️☃️☃️🌓🌎🌓🌎👌😨🤯🤯😨🤓🤓😙😙😙😙😙😙😍😍😍😍

Terrible update

New update makes the the fights lag and disconnect.

Best game new characters please

One more new character please and less women fighters cause I don’t like rose and so on Seth if lucky by chance as a new character

Great Game

Dan is a android exclusive, its time to add him to ios though ..

The Best Fighting Game on Mobile

The other “free” fighting games on the AppStore all turn out to be pay to win games. This game is a one time pay, for a full amazing fighting game that doesn’t require any in app purchases for you to have fun.

More add-ons

Capcom I love this game but you guys need to add free sparring(free battle) and a lot more characters or maybe even all the characters and places please capcom please update this one more time for the players please

New Update Won’t Load on my iPad

The game is great. This new update that won’t load on my iPad means I can’t play this game anymore. Come on!!!

New update ruined this game

This was my favorite game on my phone. Why ruin it with a buggy update??????


Great game

Game crashing

I already updated the game that was supposed to get rid of the crashes whenever I tried to play online, but the same thing keeps occurring.

Needs to be compatible with analog nimbus controller

Make it compatible with nimbus controller until this is still a 3 star

balance problems.

So many balance problems. Sagat is over-powdered. Zangief can’t get close to Sagat, guile,juri,Akuma. Akuma can spam fireballs and keep your distance. Also Akuma's Demon Flip Kick beats out the lariat so you can combo Zangief once you make contact


Best 5 bucks you’ll ever spend! The controls are very nice on the phone, much better than i expected.

Exactly what I needed.

With SF V only available to PlayStation and PC, USFIV AE on Xbox 360 and BWC on Xbox One is all i had left, now i can take it on the go with me (’: All i ask is that you pay attention to this game and care for it with updates and patches when needed, and idk maybe add some more characters because we’d love em!! Thank you !


I love how amazing the graphics are. Can’t wait to buy a wireless controller comparable with my iPhone

Best game since I was a kid !!!!

I’m so happy they have an online fighting app for iPhone I have been playing street fighter for year and you can play online opponents the graphics are sick as always and I love the new players very fun to play really great features I’d recommend this game to anyone who is a street fighter fan like I am great great game

Not the same on a touch screen

Not the best $5 I’ve spent

Es muy buen juego

Se las recomiendo


This game is amazing wish it was free but who cares when you get this masterpiece on your phone download now of your........something bad


I love it so much

Horrible graphics

The sprites are antialiased against a black background so they have dark black pixels on the borders that don’t allow them to blend into the dynamic backgrounds. It’s such a beginner graphics mistake I can’t believe Capcom put this out.

Amazing everything

The graphics are pretty great for a Mobil game,amazing characters and controls are very easy

Is this game subscription based? I was just charged for it a second time.

Is it subscription based? I just got an email from Apple saying that I was charged 4.99 for the game again. If it is you guys need to be clear about that in the description. If not I would like my money back for the second charge. Otherwise it’s a fun game.

Best Game Ever Just A Few Problems

I Really Love This Game, Especially Multiplayer But here are the problems in this game: #1 There Is No 2 player mode #2 31 Characters, Really? Why Don’t You Add Oni, Yang, Dan, Seth, Or Hakan #3 Seth And Unknown: Crumbling Laboratory, With M. Bison Oceania: Volcanic Rim Why Won’t you add Africa: Solar Eclipse #4 Lags #5 Bugs And Glitches #6 The Game Was Suppose To Be 5$ But For My IPad It Was 2$. Hope You Guys Fix this soon, please.

Please make more like the console version

I love this game it’s just the ultra combos don’t have the same animation sequence as the console please make it more alike


The gameplay is cool despite the difficulty of having to use the directional analog stick to perform finisher moves. This game is very action packed and does provide that nostalgic arcade type feel to it. I strongly suggest a few new characters, as well as more skins to choose from with the current characters. I feel like characters like E.Hawk, and Yang should be incorporated into this version of the game, since players have been fighting with the same characters for a while now. Other than that I give this game a solid 4 out of 5 !

potato graphics

looks terrible on the ipad pro 12.9, overscaled and blurry

10 stars

A million percent better then sf5. That game was lame. This is really amazing. Slam dunk capcom!!

Da best

Absolute bestest


When I brought this game and tried to download it, it was just stuck on the little downloading circle thing not moving. I tried un-downloading and it didn't do nothing, I shut off my phone, I rebooted it noting worked. And yes I did have space to download it. If your reading this and you have the same problem like me and you fixed it plz tell me.

one button specials

would be nice to have buttons for special moves


Hope to update the vs battle offline, just like old times so that you can choose your enemy and enjoying practice with enemy computer. But good game

Almost perfect, missing some crucial things

Best fighting game on mobile by a huge margin, really fun despite wonky touch controls. The touchscreen does not benefit from the joystick function nearly enough and directional finger slides would allow for easier execution of moves not intended to be excruciatingly difficult to input. Online has far too much lag to play seriously, I’m fine with being bodied by the same guy 15 times in a row as long as the fight is fun and fair, which the INSANE lag does not make for AT ALL. But if your just looking for a somewhat deep fighter on your phone and are fine in practice mode most of the time this will be a gem for you as it is for me. Lastly WHERE IS LOCAL MULTIPLAYER? I’ve seen Bluetooth connection for local fights utilized well in the past, why not implement it in a game with such a god awful multiplayer network? Laziness or just trying to cattle prod people to play online which isn’t working except for serious players of this game who are prepared for the massive technical issues; either way the result is the same: this game as it is OVERPRICED at 5$. Add local multiplayer and this game would be worth even more than 5$ Just something to think about if you ever end up making SFV Mobile


The graphics could be improved and where is the Mexican fighter T.hawk


This game is well put together. PLEASE MAKE A MARVEL VS CAPCOM GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

Best game

Absolutely love this game been playing the previous games for years and now I took my skill to mobile!

Game randomly starts lagging in matches

Game just randomly starts lagging in matches


Pay that 5 bucks for the App and have unlimited gaming! Graphics are great, plenty of modes to choose, controls are easy learn, and worth every penny!!!


The game is still fun, one feature is missing . Bluetooth fight.


I would buy it again and again and again! Please add Oni this character will grantee you huge sales! Another thing please return the feature were player can battle by bluetooth or wireless! Much enjoying this game on my device!


This hands down probably the popular if not best fighting game franchises on iOS. I have a suggestion. If you the developers add Akuma’s next fighting form called “Oni as a updated playable character this game would be no doubt the best fighting game on iOS! Thanks for making this game playable on iOS!

Needs new fighters

This game is my most favorite to play. The only improvement that I can suggest is that new fighters need to be added. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now, and the roster of fighters has never changed although several new fighters have been added to the franchise. It gets stale and boring fighting with the same fighters all the time.

Stages are ugly

Everything about the game is great but the stages are terrible. The classic games have better ones than these

Bluetooth compatibility please

Love street fighter, but no Bluetooth multi

The graphics are terrible on iPhone X

I'm just going to give him a couple of stars because it's an almost complete game, but you can not help but forget the pesimos graphics, it's a wish to have a game like that with a terrible graphics.

Best phone game ever

This game is super fun, it’s pretty old and could use some updates to graphics knowing that phones are now capable of great looking graphics. So that puts it at a 4, yet it goes back to 5 since it’s so much fun, the combos are so much fun and satisfying to land. BEST FIVE DOLLARS EVER SPENT!!!!

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